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SNG Icons Poker Training Site

SNG Icons Review

SNG Icons is the best Sit and Go Training site for online poker players. SNG Icons offers hundreds of videos from the best SNG players in the world covering Sit and Go's, Multi-Table Tournaments, and even middle and low stakes cash online poker games.

SNG Icons is the most affordable professional Poker Training site. For the low price of $19.99 + a one time set up fee of  $99.99, this is the best Training site value by far! Sign Up at SNG Icons

The Professional Poker instructors on SNG Icons include:

  • Chip "z32fanatic" Ferguson
  • Joey "bigjoe2003" Michael
  • Jonathan "FieryJustice" Little
  • Grayson "Spacegravy" Physioc
  • Darin "Darinvg" Van Gammeren
  • Ken "Kenny05" Smaron
  • Pudge714
  • RiceStud

Combined, these instructors have made tens of millions playing Sit and Go tournaments online, their videos take you through each step in a SNG and they discuss every possible decision in a SNG tournament. By watching these videos you will instantly become a better informed, more accomplished player.

As you can guess, the primary focus of this site is SNG tournaments, but you will also find Multi-table tournaments and some cash games videos on SNG Icons. Each SNG, MTT, and Cash Game video allows members post comments, ask questions, and discuss various parts of the videos. Members get direct feedback responses from the Pros themselves, which is one of the best features of this site.

They clearly discussed their thought processes behind the decisions they make during the games as well as delving into some concepts that relate to specific hands even though they might not be occurring at the video at the time. These "what if?" scenarios are very helpful to understanding how they arrive at their conclusive decisions.

SNG Icons Training Forum

SNG Icons has a very active forum where players not only discuss the hundreds of videos on the website, but also can post Hands for discussion and feedback from the instructors. Every Training Video has a dedicated thread where the instructor and forum members can discuss every part of the video, and members can ask specific questions about hands.

Some of the best topics are discussed in the members area like ICM, early low blind play, mid blind play, high blind bubble play & heads up play are covered extensively. In some games some the instructors would have 4 or more tournaments running at once and not place in the money. Most training videos only show great sessions and wins, but at SNG Icons you get a real life session and sometimes things don't work out as planned. It just goes to show, even the pros can get sucked out on or make mistakes.

Video's range from simply watching them play games & commenting to replaying hands & even replaying and critiquing students/members playing SNG's. Overall some of the video's were very good.

Overall, as we stated above SNG Icons is the best quality and the best value for serious SNG players. If you are looking to take your game to the next level and are willing to honestly examine your game, this is the right place to join. Join SNG Icons Now!

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