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Ready for a Poker Coach?

Deciding to hire a poker coach or tutor is not an easy decision to make. It means opening up to a stranger that will question you play, theory, and game overall. Being open and honest will be critical to your future success at online poker.

At most sites, Poker coaching is expensive and usually only feasible to high stakes players. Here at PTO we are committed to helping players of all stakes, even low stakes players which are usually the ones who need to most help. As always, your first poker lessons is free .

The major advantage of getting a Poker coach is the ability to speed up the natural learning curve most players will go through. Getting a different perspective about your game from an outsider is not easy and sometimes it’s tough to listen to, but it is important to help you understand the game and speed up your growth in poker.

What can a Poker Coach do for me:

So, you may be asking what exactly does a Poker Tutor do? First off, you must understand that getting a coach does not guarantee you will become an instant winner. It takes work from you and the coach to achieve success.

You coach will begin by:

  • Reviewing you game as it is
  • Working with you 1 on 1, usually by phone, IM, or a combination
  • Identify weaknesses in your game
  • Teach you alternate strategies and styles from what you are doing
  • Assign you “homework” to develop your new skills
  • Explain the WHY in advanced poker strategy

What will be expected of you:

I’ve met hundreds of players that want a poker coach because they think it's a quick fix to the huge holes in their game. You need to understand that becoming a winning poker player does not happen overnight, and will not happen unless you are willing to put the time in. Anything worth doing takes hard work, this is no exception.

The most important aspect of working with our coaches is that you must be willing to listen and accept advice and criticism. Poker players have egos and while working with a coach you must leave your ego at the door.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you must be serious about taking your game to the next level. So congratulations! You have taken your first step to becoming a winning poker player!

Contact us at for details on getting the right coach for you!

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