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Poker Coach Mike

Poker Coaching - Tutor Mike

I started to play poker in 2003, shortly after Moneymaker's WSOP win. I played in a tournament my cousin organized, and I was hooked. I bought books and participated in the Felt Poker forum, and transformed myself from losing noob to winning player at poker online.

Poker Training Specialty:

  • Multi-Table Tournaments Coaching
  • Sit and Go Coaching
  • NL holdem cash game Coaching

Also, I play regularly at games other than Holdíem because I find that pot limit Omaha 8 and 7 card stud 8-or-better cash games are incredibly soft. The ability to scoop pots (rather than split them) is critical to beating these games, and I can teach you that as well.

My goal is to be able to teach a student the finer points of the game at a lower cost than the "trial and error" method many poker players learned by. I paid my tuition in the form of losing money. I will provide value to a student by teaching him or her how to win, resulting in a cheaper tuition cost by getting students through the learning curve faster than he or she could by themselves.

Areas of Poker Training I stress are:

  • Bankroll management
  • Tournament strategy
  • Preflop and Postflop Play
  • ICM Theory

In return, I ask that a student be willing to learn. Two-way conversation is imperative to a successful tutoring relationship, and I also learn and expand my horizons from my students. I donít want to develop a clone of myself, but I want to share what Iíve learned from the game in order to develop you faster.

The Deal:
I will give you your first lesson free if you agree to sign up through my affiliate link. If you would prefer not to do that, we can negotiate terms. The more time you want to invest, the better rate I will offer. I would like to watch you play and understand your relative abilities so I know where I need to start with you (I donít want to eat up valuable time by teaching you what you may already know).

I will discuss strategy in a hands-on way by letting you watch me play, and I will discuss my thought processes with you as the game is in progress. I will also review your hand histories with you and give you my feedback, although I strongly recommend picking a few key hands in order to maximize the return you get on the time we spend together.

If you would like to discuss what I offer more specifically, feel free to

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