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Leggo - Leggo Poker Review

Leggo poker is the best cash game poker training site on the web. Leggo Poker specializes in cash game, 6max cash games, online poker and multi-table tournament games. They offer a huge selection of Poker Training videos featuring including Texas Hold'em and Omaha. New coaching videos are added every week day!

The cost of a Leggo Poker subscription is $30 a month and a $100 initial set up fee, this is the best deal of all the online training sites. Sign up at Leggo Poker The videos on Leggo Poker are form some of the world's most successful cash game players.

Some of the coaches at Leggo Poker are:

  • Aaron "aejones" Jones
  • Andrew "luckychewy" Lischenberger
  • Ben "straate" Straate
  • Clayton "Clayton" Newman
  • Isura "Isura" Edirisinghe
  • Peter "Apathy" Jetten
  • Rob "BobboFitos" Eckstu
  • Martin "DODGYKEN" Coleman
  • 3-2-1BuStO AlusivPnkBny
  • Ben "Sauce123" Slusky
  • Nick "Unknown Soldier" Katovsky

All these players have won million playing online poker and their videos are top notch. Not only do you get to see these player sin action, but they take you deep inside their games and explain some concepts that take normal players years to learn. Innovative Instructional Videos. Their video collection contains 6-max, full ring, and heads up videos at various stakes.

In addition to the standard "in-game" commentary, some of the videos use the innovative "pause and explain" format, allowing our talented instructors to fully-explain their thought processes. In many of the videos, key hands are discussed and the coaches are great at explaining their thoughts and reasoning for making certain moves. Also, not all videos are winning sessions, which allows the coaches to discuss some of their mistakes and how they and you can learn form them.

The reality of the session is what makes Leggo Poker so valuable to poker players wanting to reach the next level of their game. Other sites only allow you to see the great session where coaches play flawless poker, Leggo gives you an honest look at playing poker on all levels.

Leggo Poker Discussion Forum

Leggo has several resources available to their members and one of the most popular is their poker discussion forum. On the Leggo forum players can post hands for discussion, discuss poker strategy, and discuss specific videos.

Leggo Poker Blogs

The Leggo forum isn't limited to poker though, they also have several off-topic sections where players can discuss anything. The best part is all of the Leggo instructors post regularly on the forums and answer question about their videos. Leggo Poker Blogs The blogs on Leggo are great, all the coaches post regularly on their blogs and give members a personal look into their day to day lives as Poker Pros. Regular members can also have their own blog, although not as popular as the Pro's Blog's they are still great to read.

Overall, Leggo Poker is by far the best Cash Game Coaching site for all players. They offer the best value and a large variety of videos so there is somehting for everyone. If you have not check Leggo Poker out, now is the time. Visit Leggo Poker.

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