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High Stakes Videos - Free Poker Videos

High Stakes Poker Video Lessons

With the help of our members we are putting together a collection of high stakes video lessons and hand history replays for you. These videos will cover basic to advanced concepts and give you a great deal of insight into the mind of real poker players that are crushing today’s games.

If you have any questions about any of these videos, please post them in our Poker Strategy Forum.

High Stakes Cash Game Lessons

This Video is from senior Poker Forum member Mirage. He is playing two tables of 200NL Cash games, and the video covers some basic concepts such as: Basic aggression, hand ranges, and some 3-betting. This is a good basic primer for anyone wanting to move up and improve their poker game.


This Video is Jon  play 4 tabling 400NL  6max games at Redstar Poker. He covers some basic concepts about moving up in limits and learning to beat these games. Jon runs Poker Trikz and is a very successful high stakes poker player and has been beating these games for a long time.


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